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Real Property Management Connection proposes the following condominium management services under following service components:


• Attend and present at monthly Board of Directors meetings;

• Inspect property regularly to ensure quality service from

contractors and to keep on top of any service or compliance


• Ensure enforcement of the corporation’s Declaration, By-

Laws and Rules;

• Issue accurate Status Certificates on behalf of

condominium corporation;

• Develop a preventative maintenance plan with an annual

calendar based on your condominium corporation's unique

maintenance needs to ensure that no detail is overlooked;

• Arrange and provide for after-hours emergency service to

ensure residents’ safety and security are prioritized;

• Manage & supervise the corporation’s staff;

• Create and deliver important notices as applicable;

• Monitor and ensure all repairs & maintenance work to

ensure that it is completed, as specified;

• Facilitate community events such as BBQs, etc.;

• Assist to prepare the community newsletter;

• Communicate and follow-up on resident complaints, issues,

and emergencies;

• Determine, at appropriate intervals, the insurance

requirements working with insurance providers to ensure that

the condominium corporation is adequately insured.



• Initial set up and data load of the payroll master and

configuration including earning codes and deductions as


• Process payroll for payroll cycles per month for employees

in payroll;

• Generate relevant payroll reports;

• Perform Remittance of source deductions: EI, CPP, WCB, and

Federal/Provincial Taxes in compliance with relevant tax


• Generate E-Stubs and process Direct Deposit along with

email notifications;

• Perform ROEs and T4s, as and when required;

• Process Payroll related accounting entry in the general

ledger on a regular basis;

• Process Employee Profile and Master data maintenance.



• Complete ongoing Financial services including:

o Ensure that common element fees are collected and lien

rights are enforced;

o Process Accounts Payable on a timely basis to avoid late

payments, penalties or interest charges;

o Preparing the draft annual budget and present it to the

Board of Directors within 45-60 days prior to the end of the

fiscal year;

o Providing user-friendly financial statements on a monthly 


o Ensuring that the condominium corporation arranges for a

Reserve Fund Study, as required by the Condominium Act,


o Working with the corporation’s auditor to ensure that the

draft of the year-end audit is completed as soon as possible

after fiscal year-end and ready for board approval;

o Arranging for an insurance appraisal;

o Recommendations for reserve fund investments in

compliance with the Condominium Act, 1998.

• Obtain and analyze comparable quotations for all major

repairs and contracts; and

• Communicate and follow-up on relevant accounting issues.




In addition to the above services, Real Property Management

Connection offers clients a completely integrated

communication platform with multiple modules that

provides very effective mechanism for you to communicate

with owners, staff, and other stakeholders, such as tenants

and suppliers, if requested by the Board of Directors.

Some highlights of our communication solution that enables us to

better liaise with the Board of Directors and owners:

• Automatic delivery of statements of account;

• Production and electronic delivery of letters, statement, reports,

invoices and work orders;

• Owners have choice of receiving communications by email or

by regular mail;

• Option to maintain your own mailing list, phone call and 

communication log;

• Integrated word processing;

• Complete automatic history of all communications;

• Email import module;

• Website service;

• Communication history over several years; and

• Unlimited number of additional owner contacts for sending

statements, letters and emails.


Real Property Management has a terrific online tool. Each month I get an email alert announcing my online statement

to my account. I can then provide info to my CPA come tax time.



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